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About the Snoring & Fatigue Center

Snoring & Fatigue Center is a revolutionary model of health care, developed by one of the international leaders in Sleep Health and Medicine, for the treatment of Snoring, Fatigue, and Sleep Health.

Snoring & Fatigue Center was founded as a result of the combination of the perplexing U.S. health care system and the ever-increasing need for high quality health care in the areas of Snoring, Fatigue, & Sleep Health. As we all know, the health care system is the only industry in America where people have no clear idea of what they are actually being billed and charged for the services provided. Charges billed for the same service are often totally disparate when visiting different health care facilities, even in the same zip code! People have a right to know what they're being charged and billed for when it comes to their health care. At the Snoring & Fatigue Center, we have a completely transparent pricing menu, so you know exactly what our services cost. We eliminate the guesswork and surprises. That's part of our goal – to help you relax and escape the headaches and hassles of everyday life. We are here to help you feel better again!

Snoring & Fatigue Center does NOT accept health insurance, because we offer deeply discounted pricing. We are able to reduce our prices and pass the savings on to you directly, by eliminating the insurance company middle men. Let’s be honest – the American health care system is broken and the big Health Insurance Companies are corrupt. Health insurance now is essentially for catastrophic care. But for all of your routine health care, you are basically paying out of pocket anyway, and it is all coming out of your pocket towards your very high deductible. By removing the insurance company middle men, we are able to pass along huge savings directly to you – so you actually pay less for the products and services we offer!


Meet One of our Founding Providers, Raj Kakar, M.D., M.P.H., D.ABSM, FACP

Dr. Kakar Dr. Raj Kakar is a Sleep Health expert, and he absolutely loves his work! His passion for helping others get the treatment they need to improve their Sleep Health and well-being is documented by his dedication to his patients and the DFW community. Since 2006, Dr. Kakar has been managing Dallas Sleep, also known as the Dallas Center for Sleep Disorders. Over the years, due to the success of the quality of service provided, Dallas Sleep has grown and had several locations to improve access to our community. With a headquarters in Plano and the emergence of virtual visits, Dr. Kakar and his team are readily available to meet the Sleep Health needs of people everywhere.

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Sleep and Fatigue Center Services


At Snoring & Fatigue Center, we offer a variety of services for your individual needs. You may pick and choose the ones that are right for you. We provide Evaluation services, which range from a Consultation with one of our medical professionals to various types of sleep studies. We offer various treatment options for snoring and sleep apnea, from Dental Appliances to variable PAP devices and supplies. We also offer resupply care and maintenance for your ongoing treatment needs. In addition, we have Alternative Therapies available to meet the needs of those who want to try a different approach. Finally, we have several Specialty Products available, such as specialty pillows and supportive PAP products, which exist to enhance your sleep experience.


Dental Appliances

Dental Appliance Treatment for Snoring & Sleep Apnea

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One-on-One Professional Evaluation

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PAP Medical Devices

Variable CPAP & Bi-level PAP Treatment for Snoring & Sleep Apnea

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PAP Supplies

PAP Mask Supplies & Rentals

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Specialty Products

CPAP Mask Pillows, Mask Liners & Power Stations

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Sales and Deals

Deals on Devices, Supplies and MORE!

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Dr. Kakar's CPAP Pillow

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