10 Bad Sleep Habits You Needed to Break Yesterday

Americans don’t get enough sleep. With an ever-blurred line between work and home life, constant access to distractions, and a mounting pile of daily stress, the fact that we live in a collective state of Sleep Deprivation could hardly be considered news anymore. But just because we’ve become used to the idea that six hours of sleep is a luxury and eight is a fantasy doesn’t mean we should accept it.

Solid sleep health has proven benefits, and the opposite is also true: the less sleep you get, the more likely you are to expose yourself to a slew of risks. Skipping a full night of rest can spell big trouble down the road; weight gain, hypertension, dementia, anxiety, depression, fatigue, cardiovascular disease, a higher likelihood of getting in a serious automotive or work-related accident…do we need to go on? The good news is that sleep-related health issues are preventable. You just have to break a few bad sleep habits to do it.

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